Monday, June 14, 2010

Emma Claire's Boyfriend

So Christin totally stole my thunder in posting first....Just Kidding! We met Justin, Christin, Calee and Cohen for dinner Friday night.  I was bummed to not see Ames, but I'm sure Justin and Christin enjoyed the break for a bit!  We always would joke and called EC Cohen's girlfriend and she was just mesmorized by him Friday at dinner.  She would just stare at him, it was too funny!  

I think every time we get together with the Bryant Clan (yes, Christin you are a clan with three kids in tow) we have a GREAT time and Friday night was no exception.  I swear we laugh the entire time we are together and some times get some interesting looks from others around us.  We are talk about some crazy things, let me tell you.  I think Christin and I ought to write a book about the stuff people will say to us or the looks you get when you tell them the kiddos are 5~6 months old.  I wish I would have gotten a pic of me and Christin, but hopefully we will get more pictures in July when we go for a visit (if everything works out) for a weekend!
My necklace from Christin.  If anyone is interested you can check out other designs at  Just scroll through her blogs and see other designs which she has done. 
Emma Claire thinking about holding Cohen's hand

Christin got me this beautiful necklace with Emma Claire's name on it with a pearl drop and I.LOVE.IT!  We love the Bryant's and are so glad we have become close friends.  They have a special place in our hearts and it is so nice to be close to someone going through the same things you are dealing with.  It is such a special bond and we are forever grateful for them and their friendship.  Even though we don't get to see them very often in person since we don't live near them, we talk about once a week and I always feel like I have seen then after talking with them.  I agree God puts certain people in your path for a reason and we are blessed beyond measure!  Enjoy the pictures below!
EC trying to tell Cohen how much she likes him and wants to visit him again
It's okay Cohen, Emma Claire just wanted a hug or may be she was trying to tug on you a bit!


  1. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi.
    Your baby girl is precious!!!
    I was just reading from her birth...and crying remembering my girls.
    But I am SO amazed on how quickly she is off oxygen...YEAH!

  2. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat me! HAHAHAHA! We should have written and communal blog and both posted it! Love ya!

  3. C - i'm going to start my posts when i'm up feeding EC at 5 AM....we will see who gets the first posts....haha

    loved seeing you on saturday..what a treat...i wished we lived closer together, but at least it's not THAT far!