Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day

Matt is a WONDERFUL daddy and husband!  He has been such a trooper during the last few months and it makes me PROUD to call him Emma Claire's daddy!  I love seeing those two interact together and I know he loves her so much and would not take back a single day.  I cannot wait to see her grow up and look up to her father and have as much love and respect for him as I do for mine.  
We had a wonderful day.  Since Matt's parents and brother were coming over for dinner as well as my parents,  mom and I started prepping every thing to get ready for dinner.  We had steak and chicken kabos with vegetables, baked potatoes and corn.  We made home made ice cream with home made chocolate sheet cake for dessert and it was delish!  All in all it was a nice and relaxing day and I think Matt even got a good nap in for once.  It was well deserved since he has been working so hard during the week.  

 Daddy I love you and I hope you had a wonderful day!  I cannot wait to be able to go outside and play with you and ride this tractor you always tell me about.  I hope to be just like you daddy when I get bigger and especially have your sense of humor!  I cannot wait for momma to tell me the stories of how you cleverly kept my paci in when I was a baby and I'm sure there will be more stories like those as I grow bigger!
Love, Emma Claire


  1. Hi Emily! I found your blog through the Dadd's, so I have only been following Emma Claire for a few months (I caught up as quickly as I could). Our daughter Isabella was born at 24 weeks and we started our blog the day after she was born. The blog, much like it did for you, helped us in so many ways and connected us to an outreach family that will forever be a part of our lives. And just like you, I thought I would make the blog private once Isabella was home. After much contemplation, I just couldn't do it because I wanted so many people to see what a miracle she is and use her story as inspiration. If you ever have questions about developmental things as Emma Claire grows, I would be more than happy to share.

    xxxx, Machel

  2. Dad told me that you took Emma Claire to her daddy's work and he was going on and on about how great she looked! She will always have a special place in my family's heart since she was born the same day as my daughter. So happy to see that she is doing so well and growing!