Tuesday, June 15, 2010

EC's Buddies

Emma Claire loves her paci!  I think she looks like Maggie Simpson when she is sucking on it and it gets me tickled. HeHe. 
Emma Claire now weighs.....
8 lbs 4 ounces, 20 3/4 inches long and her head circumference is 14 inches!  EC is a growing girl and we could not be happier.  PRAISE GOD!  Her pediatrician appointment today went very well and Dr. Kastner was very happy with her and she has now been of O2 for about 14 days completely.  We follow up with the BPD clinic next Tuesday (June 22) and I am going to let them know what we have been doing and EC seems much happier without it on.  She is gaining about 1 ounce every day and that is what her pediatrician and BPD want her to gain so we are right on track.  I was so happy to be able to see Dr. Kastner today and I felt complete peace when he walked in the room. I knew right then and there we had the right one and he was very supportive of what we have been doing.  Dr. Kastner said her strength and tone was wonderful and she kept her color and just looked PERFECT!  We give GOD all of the glory for everything he continues to do in our lives.

TEIS (TN Early Intervention) did our intake meeting yesterday.  They just came out to the house to fill out paperwork and a nurse will contact us to come out to the house for an evaulation and meeting with us.  We work with her on a daily basis, so hopefully we are right in line with what they will be looking for as far as development concerns right now.  She continues to love her tummy time and we have noticed she is starting to focus on us more and follow the sound of our voices.  She is definitely getting more responsive to things and really trying to figure out what we are doing and trying to mimic us.

I love it when Ethan and Brendan come over for a visit.  Ethan just wants to look at her in her bouncy seat and I finally was able to get a picture of them sitting 'still' for a minute.  Brendan is all about helping feed, change her and loves to see her closet of clothes.  They are both so cute and very special to us!  I bet they are going to protective of EC when she is bigger.  EC just watches them when they are around.  I cannot wait for when she is bigger and wants to play cars with them, that will show how much they REALLY want to be around her!

Heather was holding EC and I asked Brendan if he wanted to hold her and he was ALL about it!  If he was a little older, I would employ him at night to feed and change EC (HaHa)!  He just loves on her and is so funny to see him interact with her.

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