Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Church + TEIS

Wow, we have ACTUALLY been pretty busy lately!  On June 27th Emma Claire made her debut at church for the first time.  I wished I would have gotten some pictures...but shockingly we were rushing to get out of the door and I was not coming home after church since VBS started that night.  Oh well, we will get some this Sunday!  She did so well.  She stayed in the nursery and pretty much slept the entire time during Sunday School and during church.  Those ladies just loved on her which made me so happy and so much easier to leave her with them.

On Tuesday, June 29th TEIS (TN Early Intervention) came to evaluate Emma Claire.  They were very pleased with everything she is doing.  They basically tested her to see how she is doing developmentally.  They rang a bell on each side of her to see if she responded to the noise and she did.  She did well on showing how strong she is by holding her head up during her tummy time and while you hold her up.  She responded extremely well to my voice when someone else is holding her.  She is definitely starting to check things out more and is completely obsessed with fans and the movement on the TV.  The lady who did her test told us to be prepared to see a result of developmental delay since this is based on her chronological age and not her adjusted age.  However, the only thing she did not do so jazzy with was tracking an item side to side, so we will be working on that with her. All in all, the lady was very impressed on how much Emma Claire could do.  We work with her pretty much daily on everything we can to make sure she does not fall behind.  Based on everything yesterday, the lady does not think Emma Claire will need any OT or PT at this time and will only need a teacher to come out once a week to work with her.  The will continually evaulate her to decide if she needs the teacher on a monthly basis.  I was ecstatic with everything she had to say.  I have been waiting on this for a while now and it confirmed that we are doing what we should be.

Another GREAT note, we had to follow up at the pediatrician yesterday because of EC's reflux, nothing changed with it, just going to keep watching it and decided at her 6 month appointment if the medicine will need to be changed.  However, when they weighed her, she weighed....
8 lbs 12 ounces
What a BIG girl!  Dr. Collins said if she continues to gain weight like this, she will be physically caught up by 12 months.  We still have to be cautious to make sure she is gaining healthy weight and not set her up for childhood obesity or diabetes which is common when they try to pack on weight on preemies.  This is due to rapid weight gain they believe instead of a slow normal weight gain in a term baby, which I found very interesting (definitely some material for reading). 

That is about it for now.  We just continually pray Emma Claire stays healthy and PRAISE GOD for all the progress she has made. 
Emma Claire and Keith...she loves her poppy!

I meant to put in our last post, we went by the NICU for a visit after our BPD appt last week, but I forgot to bring in the camera.  We were so excited to get to see so many familiar faces and I know EC was loved on by everyone!  I PRAISE GOD to be the expection in this case and come out the other end of this very well.  We were/are so fortunate and Emma Claire brings us so much joy.  I cannot imagine life without her!  After leaving the NICU we decided to make a trip to Antepartum and they loved on her so much!  They asked us if we would mind talking to one of the mom's on the floor who is about 27 weeks at the time, but she was put in the hospital at 24 weeks.  We went to talk with her and she looked and was doing great.  What a sweet couple and we wish them the best with everything.  Hopefully their little boy will stay put for a while.  It just came back over me, how crazy our time in the hospital was and as we were leaving I just prayed over all of the babies and families in the NICU & Antepartum.  What an AWESOME staff in both of those areas and we are forever grateful to them.
Kendall, Ronnie and Emma Claire.  How excited does KK look to have EC laying all of her and her pappy! 

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